Trail Running


2016 Group Trail Runs

WanderFit group trail run eventsGet off the street and try running in nature. Trail running involves going through parks, woods, and fields as you get some great cardio and full body exercise. It helps improve your balance and stabilizer muscles while reducing stress and tension on leg joints.

This summer we are available to lead group runs through local Minneapolis and St Paul parks. This is great for anyone just getting into running, anyone curious about trail running, or if you just want to check out some new trails with a group of friends. We'll plan out all the courses. You just show up and run.

Feel free to join us on one of our runs this summer too. We'll be at the Chester Woods 10 mile / 50K Ultra race in Rochester on June 4th, and the Red, White, and BOOM Twin Cities 1/2 Marathon in Minneapolis on July 4th.


You can set up your custom event in a couple easy steps:

  1. Decide on a location: some of our favorites include Pike Island in St Paul, Lebanon Hills in Eagan, the Minnesota River Bottoms in Bloomington, or any number of other local or state parks.
  2. Decide on a distance: we can plan anything from a mile to a 30 mile ultra-marathon course.
  3. Invite a group of friends (minimum of 5) and choose a couple dates that could work
  4. Contact us with the details to verify availability


  • Organized runs at state and local parks
  • Short (1-2 mile), Medium (2-5), Long (5-10 mile), or Ultra Long courses
  • Unique trails at different locations
  • Pre run warmup and post run cool down stretch
  • Group support, encouragement, and fun
  • WanderFit custom shades (for the 10-pack extra)





2015 Trail Run Dates & Locations

Sunday RUN days, 10 AM:

  • June 14 - Plymouth - Clifton French Park
  • June 28 - St Paul - Ft Snelling Park
  • July 12 - Eagan - Lebanon Hills
  • July 26 - Shakopee / Bloomington - MN River Bottoms
  • August 9 - Bloomington - Hyland Lake
  • August 23 - Eagan - Lebanon Hills


A portion of the proceeds from your purchase help Jeremy and the World Vision charity to work with communities in desperate need to help provide things like clean water, nutritious food, education, medical care, and economic opportunity. Learn more or donate directly here: World Vision Charity