The Land of Lakes & Volcanoes

Adventure Travel Trip to Nicaragua Granada 2016

Brand NEW itinerary and LOWER price


February 28 - March 4, 2016

$1,500 only $1490

(Price was $1190 in October, $1290 in November, $1390 in December, and $1490 in January)



    • ALL lodging near the heart of Granada
    • ALL group meals (breakfast, lunch, supper)
    • ALL transit to local scheduled activities & back to MGA International Airport
    • ALL active and adventure activities, entrance fees, and tour guides
      • Volcano hikes, tours, boarding, viewing, and zipline tour
      • Boat or kayak, and swimming tours on Lake Nicaragua
      • Day trip to Pacific Ocean and La Boquita beach
      • Cultural, historic, food, coffee plantation and market tours and explorations
      • Yoga and Workouts
    • Workouts led by certified trainer and certified health coach Jaci
    • Yoga with 200 hr RYT certified yogi Addie
    • Epic volcano, city, lake, island views, sunrises, and sunsets



    Sunday, Feb 28th
    Nature around Lake NicaraguaYou'll have the day to explore on your own; check out Managua (where the main international airport is), a number of national parks and reserves, or get to Granada early and relax. We'll meet at 5 pm at the center of town, near the iconic Catedral de Granada. After getting everyone settled at the resort, we'll go out in the town to grab some supper as a group.


    Monday, Feb 29th
    Granada city tour highlightsWe'll start with a quick morning workout to get us ready for the day. After breakfast, we'll get a feel for the town, with a tour of Granada. Learn the history, check out the architecture, and see the highlight hot spots with a local bilingual guide. This tour includes visiting the San Francisco church, Isla Zapatera artifacts, 400 year old tombstones and statues, La Polvora fort, Xalteva church, and the famous central park.


    Kayak tour around Lake NicaraguaIn the afternoon, a kayak tour will allow us to see Lake Nicaragua (largest in Central America) and the famous Isletas. These are 300+ small islands formed by rocks that were hurled into the lake from a volcanic explosion. They have evolved to form solid landmass; some are just the size of a table and some are big enough that people live on them. There's opportunity see wild birds, monkeys, and to explore some of the islands. To finish off the tour, we can cool off with a relaxing swim in the lake. Breakfast, lunch, supper, and workouts all included.


    Tuesday, Mar 1st
    Mombacho volcano hike and zipline tourThere's three amazing experiences to be had today: volcano, plantation, and ziplines. We will go to the top of Mombacho volcano to experience the "cloud forest", a hike around the ancient crater, and a local guide will teach us about the native flora and fauna. After that will be a visit to a Biological Center, a coffee plantation, and a tropical forest. The forest will be the site of the canopy zip line adventure. We'll glide among the tree tops from platform to platform over 11 cables, 3 hanging bridges, and over 2 kilometers of adrenaline and fun. Later afternoon workout and yoga sessions will complete the day. Breakfast, lunch, supper, and workouts all included.


    Wednesday, Mar 2nd
    La Boquita Nicaragua beach dayTime to see the ocean. We'll take a day trip to check out the Pacific Ocean. There will be time to do a beach bootcamp, beach yoga, swim, or just relax on the sand. Depending on the surf, there may be (optional add-on) opportunities to hire a local pro for some intro to surfing lessons. Horse rides along the beach may also be available from local vendors. Then we'll check out the near by town of La Boquita. There are a few tourist shopping stores along with some bar and restaurants to try out some fresh caught seafood. On the return trip we'll swing by the town of Masaya and check out the local craft and artisan markets. If you want a handmade local souvenir, this is the place to go. Breakfast, lunch, supper, and workouts all included.Masaya market Nicaragua


    Thursday, Mar 3rd
    Volcano boarding in Nicaragua with WanderFitWe are headed to another volcano today to hike, learn more from a local guide, and then try some volcano boarding. Slide down the side of a volcano like it's sledding in the winter!! To finish off the day, we'll get in some relaxing yoga or a group workout at a local wellness center. Optional additional spa services will be available there too. The yoga and group breakfast, lunch, and supper included.


    Friday, Mar 4th
    We'll have an early morning workout, breakfast, and check out of the resort, and get a group transit ride back to Managua International Airport.


    Additional details

    Location: Granada, Nicaragua. This is one of the oldest cities in North or South America. It is located on the shores of Lake Nicaragua, about an hour south of Managua, and about a hour from the Pacific Ocean.

    Group size and demographic: A max of 10 may be possible. This will be a fit group from mid 20s to mid 40s, with a mix of individuals and couples that enjoy travel and exploration. For those paying deposit, we'll invite you to a Facebook group with additional details and discussions.

    More vacation: If anyone would like to extend the time in central america before or after the trip, let us know and we can see if we can help arrange transportation and lodging.

    Not included: flights, Nicaraguan visitor card ($10), transit from MGA to Granada, additional optional tours, individual snack or meals you choose on your own, alcohol, souvenirs, travel insurance

    Space limited. Passport required. Signed waivers required. Travel Insurance highly recommended. Photo credit: Tierra Tours and Nicaragua Tourism


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