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Ben Murken, WanderFit owner and multi sport athlete

Benjamin M

Owner, Multi-sport and Endurance Sport Coach

WPA instructor certified

CPR trained


Active, Travel, & Wellness Resume

Ben has completed a duathlon, triathlon, and ultra marathon (50 kilometer). He is a certified stand up paddle and Flo-Yo fit instructor.

While in college, Ben lived in Australia for 6 months to take classes and work. That was the first exposure to world travel. Since that time, he has organized full trips to Europe that have included some of this favorite places to visit: Ireland, Germany, and Italy. Overall Ben has traveled through 15 countries, with a goal to reach a 100.



Jaci Salley, Personal Trainer, Health Coach, Group Instructor

Jaci S

Personal Trainer, Group Instructor, Wellness Coach

NASM certified, TRX certified, IIN certified, WPA certified

CPR trained


Active, Travel, & Wellness Resume

Jaci is a wellness advocate extraordinaire. She owns Sprout Nourishment where she empowers her clients to reach their full potential with health, nutrition, and wellness. The motto of the company is to eat health, exercise often, and live well. Jaci lives that motto every single day as a great example to everyone.

Jaci's passport includes visit to 10 countries, her favorites being Italy and Mexico.




Addie Larson, Yoga Instructor

Addie L

Yoga Instructor

200 RYT instructor certified

RYS Yoga Alliance


Active, Travel, & Wellness Resume

Addie is the owner of Lantern Yoga and has a mission to help other awaken to their true happiness.

Addie has traveled to Fiji ...





Ben Wales, Personal Trainer

Ben W

Personal Trainer

NASM certified, Dragon Door certified



Active, Travel, & Wellness Resume






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