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Check out the views from some of the local places that we'll be staying at. We choose local business to stay at that provide safety, privacy, quiet, as well as convenience to the local sites.

WanderFit Fit Trip Italy Hotel



Each person will be responsible for their own meals. This allows you to decide which of the MANY amazing snack, dishes, and desserts that you want to try. We'll visit the birthplace of pizza and the oldest original brick oven style pizzeria in the world in Naples. We'll plan to check out the best gelato shops, opt for some incredible tiramisu and enjoy espresso, the Italian option of choice for coffee.

 WanderFit Fit Trip Italy Food



The entire list of history, sites, architecture, and overall culture that we'll experience is too long to mention. The highlights of what we'll see include:

  • Amalfi coastline & Amalfi boat ride
  • Footpath of the gods hike, Valley of the Mills hike
  • Pompeii ruins in the shadow of Mt. Vesuvius
  • Isle of Capri
  • Colosseum, Roman Forum, Trajan markets
  • Vatican City gardens and museum

WanderFit Fit Trip Italy Rome



There will be ample opportunity for daily exercise. Since we are checking out so much history and culture, there will be a lot of walking in urban areas as well as hiking among some incredibly scenic nature. As we move locations, we choose to support smaller local places for accommodations. They won't have dedicated gyms, so we'll use body weight and local environments to perform the personal training and exercise.

 WanderFit Fit Trip Italy Capri Amalfi