Fit Trips

by WanderFit


We incorporate fitness and nutrition into our adventure trips. Above and beyond the adventure activities, you can also get fit and lean, eat healthy, and increase your well being. Your happiness and health levels will be simply amazing. Check out our destination specific pages from the Fit Trips menu, or from our Fit Trips map. 

Learn more about our specific trips around North and South America and Europe.



How awesome was your last vacation?

There is something incredible about travel. A person gets to explore new surroundings, see new sites with their own eyes, engage new cultures, learn new customs, and appreciate our amazing planet. Adventure travel creates even more  awe. You can hike, bike, climb, run, swim, paddle, and traverse through all that nature has to offer. You test your abilities, you gain new confidence, and you happily share with other how awesome your vacation was.

WanderFit Fitness Nutrition Trips



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