Asia Pacific

For every country you step into around these massive regions, there's a whole new and unique set of stories and experiences. The seemingly endless landmass of Asia proper slowly blends into the cultures of the Pacific islanders. Every mile presents an offering of immense value to the traveler.

From the other worldly mountain ranges in New Zealand to the rugged outback of Australia; From the terraced rice fields in the Philippines to the mighty Mekong river delta of Vietnam. From the picture perfect beaches of Thailand to the king of the mountains in Nepal. From futuristic Japan to historic China. All of these experiences are sure to be once in a lifetime memories.

Here are the upcoming trips to inspire you and to start discovering some of the fantastic destinations of the "Orient".



Scenic nature views and epic mountain ranges like this are standard on our fitness adventure tours

Trail Running Trip

2017 TBD

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Previous Trips


Nothing yet. We haven't led a fitness trip to this side of the globe yet. But we are researching a number of unbelievable experiences for the future.



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