WanderFit hiking trip to Green Mountain park October 13, 2016 06:00


Hayden Green Mountain Park

Denver, CO, USA

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Rooney Valley trail hike

We decided to explore the large William Hayden city park. It has over 2400 acres to explore and is located in Lakewood, Colorado, just west of Denver. It's quick to access from downtown and is still before you head further west on I-70 into the big mountains.

The Rooney Valley trail goes only partially up the mountain and then winds along it in a circular loop. Most of the time you can see the Rooney Valley neighborhood of Lakewood; and that's where the trail gets it's name. You can see Dakota Ridge trail and the Red Rocks park and amphitheater to the west. Here are some of our views:

WanderFit hikes at Green Mountain park

The start of the path looks pretty level, but there are a number of hill climbs and descents through the entire loop.


WanderFit hikes at Green Mountain park

As you climb you can see more and more of the surrounding city and parks. The path goes through grassland areas, low shrubs, wooded section, and some rocky climbs.


WanderFit hikes at Green Mountain park

Eventually, the trail gets deep into a valley between two peaks, and you can just see a bit of the front range mountains to the south. There's a slight chill in the lower shaded areas where the temp drops about 10 degrees.


WanderFit hikes at Green Mountain park

At the highest point, you can visibility for miles.


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