This month's travel eBook deals ... covering Thailand, Vietnam, and solo female travel July 24, 2016 16:00

Here are some recent eBooks we have read and enjoyed. There's nothing quite like hearing stories from others as they travel the world. It is quite motivating for each of us to get out there and travel more.

Luckily these books are also packed with incredible advice and information from local and experienced professionals. If you are a solo traveler, a female traveler, or going to SE Asia (specifically Thailand and Vietnam), then these are some key resources to check out. 


Thailand and Vietnam

Visit Travelling Apples, a site about a nomadic family having adventures all over the world. You can read all about their experience and free advice about their travel lifestyle. The also have some great eBooks available. The main areas they cover are: Chang Mai Thailand and Hanoi and Ho Chi Mihn City, Vietnam. Their very detailed and informative Southeast Asia guides are under $5. Start your travel research for Thailand and Vietnam here.


Thailand discounts

Get the ultimate Thailand guide eBook. It's called: 12 Weeks in Thailand: The Good Life on the Cheap. This book is not just a travel guide. It feels like the author is talking to you as an old friend would, and recommending the best things to do while in Thailand. Want to try it out? Here's the free deal - Like 12 Weeks in Thailand on Facebook and download a chapter for free! Otherwise, buy it since it's only 9.99.


Solo Female Travlers

Introducing: Conquering Mountains: A Guide to Solo Female Travel - click to buy. Kristin Addis, who writes a monthly column on solo female travel, has covered WWOOFing in South Africa, hitchhiking in China, addressed safety tips, giving packing tips, advice on what to tell naysayers, and much, much more. Kristin developed this guide to solo female travel that offers in-depth advice and tips to women travelers in a way no other resource online does.


We do have an affiliate partnership with these eBook Authors. So if you do buy from them, we appreciate it if you click from our site. Otherwise, enjoy the free reviews and advice !!