Are you a Travel Addict? We want to know to help you #TravelMore September 22, 2016 14:30

We're looking for travel addicts to try out our travel courses and travel services (for free before anyone else); we looking for anyone that likes to travel to provide feedback and opinions about travel experiences; and we're looking for individuals that want to partner up to help grow our services and share in the profits. If any of that sounds like you or anyone you know, read on.


What is a travel addict?

Is it if you travel to a lot of countries? Or travel every weekend locally? Or just someone that prioritizes travel experiences on their bucket list?

There may be no right or wrong answer. But our goal at WanderFit is to inspire you to explore and to help you be able to travel more. That is why we are working on online travel services and travel education courses. But ...


Do you like to travel and share your opinions?

We need your travel addict feedback and opinions.

If you like to travel and like to share your experiences, then let us know. Providing us information about what topics are most important, helps us determine what travel courses and services to offer. That's how you can help us help other to travel more. So ...

  • What are the areas of travel that you struggle with?
  • What destinations do you dream about going to?
  • What bucket list experiences do you have?
  • What do you want to learn about travel hacking?
  • What is keeping you from travelling more if you are an addict?

Leave comments below to let us know !! 


Want to try our travel courses and travel services for free?

We are looking for some individuals that have an eye for detail. Over the next year, we will be launching several travel related courses and services. These will range from 100% unique and customized travel plans for your vacation, to learning how to save money with travel hacking, or getting access to locals-only information for destinations around the world. These courses and services will range from $29 to $1,499 in value.

We plan to pick just a couple people that will get first access to these courses and services. You'll get early free access, but have to commit to going through the process and letting us know if there are things we should update or change.

If you are interested, the first step is to reach out to us - CONTACT WanderFit - and let us know.


Do you want to partner with us and have a chance to earn some travel money?

We are also looking for travel addicts to partner with. Do you have a favorite destination that you know where all the secret spots that locals go to? Do you enjoy travel research, travel planning, or finding mega travel deals? Do you want to help us manage travel information and research to share in the profits?


We want to talk to you if you are addicted to travel and want to get involved. Make sure to reach out to us - CONTACT WanderFit - and see how we can work together to inspire people to #TravelMore and be #WanderFit.


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