Common gym mistakes (part 3 - finale) March 17, 2015 07:00

WanderFit Mistakes at the Gym
We're are wrapping up our list of common gym mistakes today with this post. So, once again, here are some common gym mistakes, and some tips on how to avoid them (part 3 of 3).


Only Training What You Can See

It’s quite common to only train what we see in the mirror. For guys, that normally means a combination of chest exercises, biceps curls, and knee extensions. For the women, it’s all about the inner and outer thighs, abs, and back of the arms.

Obviously these are stereotypes, but they’re normally not that far off. With the crazy amount of time we spend sitting these days, the least we can do in the gym is out-train the sitting posture.

The Fix: Incorporate more pulling movements into workouts, since these exercises target muscles in the mid- and upper back, glutes, and hamstrings, all areas that become tight from sitting. Exercises such as rows, pull ups, deadlifts, hip thrusts, and face-pulls all fit the bill.

Also, it's a great idea to incorporate thoracic spine mobility exercises, lat and chest stretches, and exercises to open up your hips, such as hip flexor and hip rotator stretches. You don’t have to stop bench pressing, but make sure you train the muscles you can’t see, too.


Wrong Mental Attitude

Setting foot in the gym and moving some weights around is only half the battle — having the right mental attitude, determination, and killer instinct will determine if you actually reach those goals. Always strive to be better, resist the temptation to get frustrated, and keep at it.

The Fix: Find a workout partner who is slightly stronger and fitter than you. You’ll be able to work off each other and reach levels of fitness you wouldn’t have otherwise. Create a social network with people that have similar goals and lifestyles. Share recipes and workout ideas. It’s always more difficult when doing things alone or when surrounded by people with different ambitions.


Skewed Expectations

Sure it would be great to make a bunch of progress in a short period of time. For some it may be a major weight loss goal, the pursuit of running a 6-minute mile, or even packing on some size and strength to fill out their clothes a little better. The truth is though that results take time and dedication. Doing something everyday to a little closer to your goal is the key.

The Fix: Set small goals with a manageable time frame, and make sure they’re appropriate for your current fitness level. Chart your workouts and keep track of everything related to that goal, so when it comes time to evaluate progress, you have a solid record to pull from. When you look back at how much you’ve accomplished, the idea of giving up seems to fade away as you press on toward your goal.



If you haven't read them, hop back to your first 2 posts about gym mistakes. Remember, your time is precious. Make sure you use your designed gym and workout time frames as efficiently as possible. That will help you get the most out of your training.