Guess the specialty of the Backpack Travel Store February 20, 2015 03:30

The Backpack Travel Store exists to help you see the world. They give you the products and the confidence to travel anywhere. The owners and staff believe that travel among the people, rather than secluded in a tourist bubble, is one of life’s great joys.

Unlike the big adventure stores, the Backpack Travel Store don't sell canoes, climbing ropes, and miscellaneous or bulky items. They focus on backpacks. Everything they offer is geared specifically to keep your travels lightweight, mobile and organized. Whether it’s a roll-up toiletries kit, paper-thin shampoo sheets, packing cubes or a super lightweight travel backpack, their products make it possible, easier and more fun to travel anywhere. was founded by and for international backpack travelers. Anyone who has hitchhiked through Asia, traipsed around Eastern Europe or made their way from Machu Picchu to Terra Del Fuego knows the joys of backpack travel. They also offer an incredible FREE and easy return policy.

Check out their lineup of backpacks that will fit any requirements:

  • Travel Packs
  • Carry-ons & Wheeled
  • Day packs
  • Full Size Pack

Plus check out the space saving, innovative, and extremely useful travel accessories.

  • Adapters and electronics
  • Money security and locks 
  • Toiletries
  • Deals of the day

and much more. Check out their store, their great quality products, and low prices.




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