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Thinking about taking a trip to Malaysia soon? Have you never heard of Malaysia or need reasons for it to be on your bucket list? Here are a number of sights and activities to entice you to visit.


The splendid country of Malaysia stores a rich history of diversified heritage, traditions, and culture. The vivid mesh of different religious and racial backgrounds include Malays, Chinese, and Indians. The cultural marks here are also left by Thai, Portuguese, Dutch, and English settlers. All of this rich diversity make Malaysia one of the most beautifully unique countries.

Despite the differences, the people of Malaysia are very gentle and tolerant. Each Malaysian promotes a sense of harmony and peace that emanates from within. In every place that tourists travel in this country, they find peace. Check out some things to do on your visit.

Petronas twin towers

In the capital city of KL, these magnificent structures stand over 1500 feet tall and have 88 floors; they are made primarily of reinforced concrete and steel with a glass facade; construction on these towers was finished in 1996. In order to get to the famous sky bridge between the towers, it is necessary to get one of 1400 passes sold per day. Make sure to get there early.

Visitors are allowed to go to the 41st floor to see the sky bridge, and from this vantage point you can see the park below.  On a clear day all the surrounding suburbs of Kuala Lumpur are also visible. The Petronas Company is the one and only tenant of tower one. The other tower called Tower 2 is available for rent to other tenants, such as Accenture, Bloomberg, Boeing, IBM, Microsoft, and Reuters.

At the base of the towers there is a shopping plaza called Suria KLCC. It has a large number of shops featuring all kinds of different merchandise. Just outside the plaza is the KLCC Park. This park has jogging and walking paths, a wading pool, and a children’s playground. It has a very large water fountain with built in lighting that puts on a fantastic show, as the water blasts high into the air.

Adventures in Sabah

The Malaysian state of Sabah, located at the northeast corner of the island of Borneo, is well positioned to offer a unique tropical island vacation flavor with a difference. Sabah offers a complete array of activities from adventure and nature to wildlife and tropical beach options. You can ...

  • be lazy on white pristine and unspoiled tropical beaches
  • conquer the highest peak in South East Asia
  • view wildlife in their natural habitat
  • admire the largest flower in the world
  • lay back and enjoy the sun and water at international standard and luxurious tropical resorts
  • appreciate the culture of the colorful indigenous peoples
  • rough it out in controlled adventure vacation sites
  • brave the river rapids on a white water rafting adventure
  • be one with nature in the world of million years old rainforests
  • dive into some of the world's best underwater wonderlands
  • explore the underwater cave of the world's only mushroom-shaped world class dive spot

Malaysia Wellness Retreats

A Malaysia wellness retreat is a tremendous experience everyone should try. This type of wellness retreat might just be the thing you're looking for to relax, destress, and center yourself. Many of the world's greatest rejuvenation clinics are located in Southeast Asia, and these retreats all cater to the world traveler.

One such Malaysia wellness retreat is the Berjaya Langkawi Beach Resort. It is located in Burau Bay, Malaysia. This retreat has been open since 1987 and has long been considered a tropical holiday paradise. It's a great rejuvenation destination that offers 388 rooms, which are housed in Malaysian-style chalets and suites. The rejuvenation clinic, spread over 70 acres of land, is the first complete retreat situated on the island of Langkawi. It offers a complete range of services to its guests.

Another Malaysia wellness retreat located on the island of Langkawi is The Datai. This destination has won many awards for its relaxation and rejuvenation services. These awards include being named the seventh best retreat as voted on by Conde Nast Traveler readers. It offers such exotic items as a body elixir, beauty rituals, hot oil drips, and facials.

Gem Wellness Island Resort is a third Malaysia wellness retreat. This resort is located on the private island of Marang. It has its own airport and is easily accessible. The spa at the Gem Resort is named Tusita, and it offers an array of different therapies. These include traditional Malay treatments and oil therapies. There are even packages that include snorkeling and scuba experiences on the resort as well.


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No matter which Malaysian experience you go for, you'll find the locals and atmosphere relaxing, healing and exotic. Malaysia is often frequented by English speaking people, so you'll have no problem communicating. 


If you have visited Malaysia before, let us know what favorite spots and activities you enjoyed. If you would like to visit Malaysia some day and have questions, let us know.