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Re-positioning cruises

A re-positioning cruise is a little bit different from a normal cruise. It's for those that want to try something a little different, for those that are a little adventurous, or those that want to try and save big on a lengthy cruise.

The main point is that re-positioning cruise leaves one port and arrives in another. It is done only a few times a year for only a few ships and only with a few cruise lines. They move some of their ships from one area of high demand to another area of high demand, usually in line with the changing of the seasons. Instead of relocating the ships sans passengers, the cruise lines offer these re-positioning cruises to make some money while moving ships.

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Take note

  • A re-positioning cruise does not return to the port from which it departed. Since it's moving, it starts one one port departure city and ends in another destination port city. You'll have to make sure your flight or other vacation plans line up with that itinerary.
  • These trips can be longer than normal cruises, lasting an average of eight to eighteen days. This is a great opportunity if you have the free time and can take advantage of the extended journey.
  • These cruises tend to make very few stops at ports along the way. Their main purpose is to relocate and make any adjustments to the cruise staff, maintenance, or other miscellaneous work that can't be done during a standard cruise. So, if you are fine relaxing on the ship for most of the journey, then go for it.
  • Because of the unique situations of a re-positioning cruise the cruise itself usually costs less than a similar cruise during the regular seasons. So if the opportunity works out with your travel plans, it is something to look into.

Where can you find a re-positioning cruise? Check out some of these resources:

  • Check the Carnival website
    • The Carnival Spirit generally winters on the Mexican Riviera and repositions to Alaska via Hawaii in the fall
    • The Carnival Liberty normally goes from the Mediterranean in the summer to the Atlantic in the fall 
  • Celebrity Cruises
    • The Celebrity Constellation and the Celebrity Millennium relocate from the Caribbean to Europe in the spring and then head back for the Americas in the fall 
  • Costa Cruises
    • The Costa Atlantica and Costa Mediterranea cross the Atlantic to re-position from the Caribbean to Europe in the spring



If you have taken a re-positioning cruise before, let us know if you enjoyed doing that. If you would like to try this type of cruising some day and have questions, let us know. We'll see what we can find out.