What is WanderFit? January 02, 2015 10:00

WanderFit = mixing the love of travel with the benefits of nutrition and fitness. WanderFit provides extra-ordinary fitness adventure scenic vacations where you gain amazing new experiences while eating healthy and exercising to get fit.

We offer:

FitTrips: Join us on a completely planned and organized Fitness Adventure Trip. We set up daily nutrition, exercise, and/or adventure activities in scenic destinations around the world. We generally handle the accommodations, local transit, exercise, meals, and adventures. Activities could include: ATV riding, camping, hiking, horseback riding, kayaking, paddle boarding, sailing, surfing, white water rafting ziplining, and more... 

Previous destinations have included: Florida, Italy, Costa Rica, and Australia


FitCations: If you have a vacation idea and want to incorporate wellness into it, let us help. We can design meal plans, exercise workouts, and wellness activities around your destination. You'll get custom advice and planning to stay healthy while enjoying your quality vacation time.

Additional information and pricing will be posted in the near future.


FitTeering: Why not travel to exotic locations and help those in need. Take a vacation where you volunteer to help coach, teach, build or any number of other exciting activities as you improve the lives of the locals and environment of the places you visit. You can immerse yourself in new cultures, see unique sites, develop life skills, and get great satisfaction from you help you provide.

Additional information and pricing will be posted in the near future.