About WanderFit December 20, 2014 07:00

Here's a little bit about us.


We have a passion for travel, adventure, fitness, nutrition and overall well being. When you combine all those, you end up with meaningful and exciting experiences around the globe. We are:

  • a personal trainer certified through NASM
  • a nutrition and wellness coach certified through IIN
  • world travelers that have visited 3 continents, 15 countries and have lived overseas
  • passionate about responsible and eco-friendly travel
  • proud to support local and small business whenever possible


There are lots of ways to merge travel and wellness. Join us on a FitTrip (planned group fitness and adventure resort trips), get advice for a FitCation (nutrition and exercise planning for a personalized vacation), or help make the world a better place by FitTeering (fitness vacations with volunteering).